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Want to test your knowledge of Ohio history, or find out more about specific subjects and time periods from the state’s past? You’re in the right place!

Ohio Memory’s Learning Resources are here to help you explore the digital collections themselves, as well as learn about the people, places, events and objects that help make up Ohio’s rich past.

Ohio Memory Quizzes let you challenge what you know about the past two centuries of Ohio heritage, including some familiar and not-so-familiar faces, places and historical artifacts. See how well you can do!

Timelines, Ohio Memory’s newest learning resource, provide a dynamic way of looking at events in the state’s past that helped form the Ohio we know and love today. Check back soon for more!

Then and Now maps show you locations on a map the way they looked in the past and the way they look now.

Selected Topics allow you to delve deeper into themes related to the state’s past, with subjects ranging from the American Indian cultures of Ohio to the diversity of geography and natural resources around the region.


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