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Scofield's Refugee Tract map, from Ohio Memory.

Give Me Land, Lots of Land

Through the center of Ohio, in parts of Franklin, Licking, Fairfield and Perry counties, lies the Refugee Land Grant tract. Measuring over …

Photograph of Grey during a hunting trip, with a large bear shot in the Hells Gate area of Tonto Basin, Arizona, ca. 1919. Via Ohio Memory.

Zane Grey: An Ohioan Looking West

This Sunday, January 31, is the 144th birthday of author Zane Grey, born in Zanesville, Ohio, in 1872. Originally born Pearl Zane Grey …

The Cleveland Museum of Art nearing completion, courtesy of the museum via Ohio Memory.

Happy 2016, and a Look Back!

Happy New Year to all of our Ohio Memory visitors and readers! 2016 marks a number of important events–including a leap year, …

Samuel Medary ca. 1860, via Ohio Memory.

Who Was Samuel Medary?

Praised by Democrats, denigrated by Whigs and Republicans, and a household name to all, Samuel Medary–the “Old Wheel-horse of Democracy”– was a …

Illustration from "The Idyl of the Christmas Pine," written by Geneva, Ohio, poet Edith M. Thomas in December 1874. Courtesy of the 	Ashtabula County District Library via Ohio Memory.

“A Symbol of Good Will and Love”

For hundreds of years, evergreen plants have been a symbol of hope during winter’s cold, gray months. Many pre-Christianity cultures hung evergreen …