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Moments From Ohio Memory

Each year, we in the United States set aside February as Black History Month (incidentally, Canada observes Black History Month in February, …

Harding poses with a group of fishermen with their day's catch in St. Augustine. Via Ohio Memory.

A Mid-Winter Getaway

Ohio, like a large swath of the United States, has been hit with a real wave of winter weather this past week, …

Exterior view of Barn #86, located on Lincoln Highway west of Gamble Road in Van Wert County. Via Ohio Memory.

Ohio’s Bicentennial Barns

If you’ve driven anywhere in Ohio, you’ve probably seen them. Most are white or red, and a couple structures are unpainted. They …

Women volunteers working at the Union Station Canteen in Marion, Ohio, February 1943. Via Ohio Memory.

A National Day of Service

This Monday, January 19th, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal holiday authorized in 1983. Dr. King is remembered as a …

Daguerreotype portrait of two women and a man, ca. 1850. Via Ohio Memory.

Worth a Thousand Words

Imagine life without photographs. There would be no way to quickly and easily capture images of friends and family, no in-the-moment snapshots …