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Cover of American Medicinal Plants, 1887. Via the State Library of Ohio Rare Books Collection on Ohio Memory.

Materia Medica

For thousands of years, animals of all kinds have turned to plants as a source for health and well-being, and have handed …

1835 painting titled "Marietta from Harmar Hill," by Charles Sullivan, via Ohio Memory.

Hit the Road, Jack!

In 1788, Marietta became the first permanent settlement in Ohio, quickly followed by a plethora of other settlements, all before Ohio’s statehood.  …

Photo of Albert B. Graham, the founder of 4-H, with his sister Lettie around 1875, preserved in digital format on Ohio Memory by the Middletown Public Library.

May Day, May Day!

May 1 – May Day – might have more observances attached to it than any other date on the calendar. There is …