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The "Out-Mount Campers Club" in 1886, courtesy of the Washington County Public Library via Ohio Memory.

Ohio’s Happy Campers!

Camping has long been a favorite summer pastime of many Ohioans, from the shores of Lake Erie and its islands, to the …

The Munn sisters of Portage, Ohio, in a decorated horse-drawn surrey for their local 4th of July parade. Courtesy of the Wood County District Public Library on Ohio Memory.

Happy Independence Day!

We want to wish a happy Fourth of July (and long weekend!) to our readers! Regardless of whether you’re attending your local …

Cover of American Medicinal Plants, 1887. Via the State Library of Ohio Rare Books Collection on Ohio Memory.

Materia Medica

For thousands of years, animals of all kinds have turned to plants as a source for health and well-being, and have handed …