Cemeteries and the Family Historian

Description: May 11, 2013
10 a.m.-Noon
Ohio History Center, Columbus

Cemeteries are thought of as very peaceful places. It is easy to go in, snap a couple of pictures, and leave. Like any other record, tombstones require evaluation; further, they can give clues when taken in context wth the neighboring grave markers around them.  Come find out how to collect biographical details that go beyond birth and death dates carved into stone.

Register online at http://connect.ohiohistory.org/genworkshops.

Location: Ohio History Center, Columbus
URL: http://www.ohiohistory.org/collections--archives/archives-library/workshops
Date: Saturday, May 11, 2013
Time: 10:00am-12:00pm EDT
Duration: 2 hours
Category: Workshops*, Special Events*, Ohio History Center Museum & Ohio Village*, Lectures*, Central Region*, Archives/Library*
Created by: Lisa Long
Updated: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 10:59am EST
Admission: $20
Special Offers: $15/Ohio Historical Society or Franklin County Genealogical and Historical Society Member
Advanced Registration: Advance registration required
Parking Fee: None
Phone Number(s): 614.297.2510
Email: reference@ohiohistory.org
Web Site(s): http://www.ohiohistory.org/collections--archives/archives-library/workshops
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